The latest mobile web stats show that over 40% of smart phone users browse the mobile web or use apps. By 2014, mobile will be the dominant form of internet browsing. Is your business ready?

Designing an effective and optimized mobile website is the key to providing your customers with a great web experience to which they will return to again and again. Yet currently, most businesses haven't optimized their sites for mobile.

There are many differences between a desktop website and a mobile site. A great desktop website might have a great design and be computer friendly but most of the times it will not work for a smartphone, creating frustration and loss of business. Two key elements of a smartphone are that it has a touchscreen and the screen is small, so your mobile site has to adapt to these new conditions.

Mobile sites feature:

  • Large Buttons
  • Less Content
  • Concise Navigation
  • Quick Loading Times

Using a mobile website can be a clear and easy way to promote new offers and information to potential customers and clients. It is also a way for keeping people updated and to engage with them.

Make you site accessible for the future of web browsing and get a custom designed mobile phone web site from Bublitz Creative. Call us today to learn more about how we can translate your unique website into a mobile-phone friendly site. The future is moblie, so make sure your company is not left behind.