Q:  I have a website. It was built in 1999, but it still works. Why should I update?

Well, first of all, it is probably not mobile friendly. And with over 75% of internet users performing searches and viewing websites on their phone, you can’t afford to not have a presence. Also, an outdated site reflects on your business. Why not have an attractive, professional, modern website?

Q: I don’t need a website. My business is 50 years old and it’s all word of mouth.

But will it always be? Millennials might not see it that way. They want to do things their own way. And if they search for “lawn care services”, “car repair”, or “jig grinding” and you don’t show up on their phone, you may have just lost a customer whose father/mother/grandparent used you for years. They are what is going to keep you in business for the next 50 years.

Q: I just advertise in the local paper. Isn’t that enough?

Probably not. About 90% of Americans use the internet on a daily basis. The internet has a reach of potential customers far greater than local advertising exposure. And again, look above. Millennials use their phones. For everything. They are the future.

Q: I have a Facebook page. Isn’t that good enough?

True, Facebook has millions of viewers. But did you know there are over 3.5 billions searches on Google every day? A Facebook page pales in comparison. There is a place for social media marketing. You just have to use it for the right purpose.  Your website is the digital hub for your business. You control the way it looks, and it becomes part of your brand.  It’s the place where you can market your services, offer information, target your marketing campaigns, and build profits. You’re much more likely to earn a customer who engages on your website than those who simply hit the “like” button and potentially never sees your posts again.

In general, a website can be an inexpensive way to provide customer service, keep in touch with customers, and even help enhance sales.  Other things to keep in mind:

  • Decreased Costs and Paperwork–Whether it’s your annual brochure, newsletter or agenda, you can change your content as often as you wish without having to print new copies.
  • Increased Exposure–Having various types of mediums cover your business will allow more exposure for you, therefore more potential to increase your customer base.
  • Extended Exposure–A website dramatically broadens your marketing area and allows you to reach more people locally, regionally, and globally.
  • Bang for your Buck–Websites have multiple purposes. You can advertise, inform, as well as sell. Placing your web address in all of your advertising will enhance all of your advertising efforts.
  • Instant Answers–Clients can view commonly asked questions and get the answer instantly. It is time efficient for your clients and yourself.
  • Increased Business–Marketed correctly it can increase your business.
  • Prestige–A professionally designed site makes your company look more professional. It also gives your customers the impression that your company keeps current with new technologies.
  • A website centralizes information about you and your business.

And the most important reason why you may need a website:  It’s Expected!  Everyone assumes a business or organization has a website, and will try to look up information for you on the internet. What if you’re not there, but your competitors are?


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